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Political System The Government of Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia

governement mongoliaThe Constitution legalised the tenet that "The Government is the highest executive body of the State". As the result of the State Great Khural's election the legal condition tor the establishment of a new Government is created. The Government
is accountable for its work to the State Great Khural and the term of its mandate is four years. The Government shall step down in its entirety upon the resignation of the Prime Minister or if half the members of the Government resign at the same time. Carrying out the State laws and directing the economic, social and cultural development of the country, the Government exercises broad powers, determined by law.

The Government comprises the Prime Minister, the chief of Cabinet Secretariat and the ministers. The current Mongolian Government has 11 ministries.

Ministries of General Functions:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs

Ministries of Special Functions:

  • Ministry of Nature and Environment
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  • Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Ministry of Health

The Government has regulatory and implementing agencies under his direct control to formulate and carry out national policies. However, under the reform program, a few of the Government agencies were merged as one agency and the restructuring is continuing.

Legal status of the Cabinet Secretariat

Article 18 of the Law on Government states that "The Office of the Government is the Cabinet secretariat".
The Cabinet Secretariat is to support the leadership functions of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
Under the State Great Khural Resolution No38 of 1996, the Cabinet Secretariat shall support the leadership function of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. It supports the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in exercising their leading and strategic managing functions through the following activities.

  • Setting out policy trends
  • Coordinating policy implementation
  • Providing Resource management
  • Providing Executive management
Government Reform

An efficient and effective Government is one of the most important factors in economic development of the country. In this sense, the Government is concentrating its efforts on the reorganisation of the basic structure of state offices for increased efficiency and lower costs. On January 1, 2003, a new law on finance and management of state organisations came into effect.



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